How Frequent Should You Call the Duct Cleaners


There are a lot of questions as regards to cleaning air ducts. When are you going to call your duct cleaners? How often do you call them? Experts say that it is not necessary for the air ducts to be cleaned frequently. In fact, the recommendation says the air ducts should only be cleaned at least once every three to five years. Well, suppose that you haven’t had the chance to have your duct work cleaned? In fact, you have never called the duct cleaners at all. How do you know it is the time to call them already?

    • If you just moved in to a new home. If you just moved into a new home, then it must be a sensible thing to do if you call the duct cleaners and treat the air ducts. You never know if the previous owners had it cleaned before they left the house, or God forbid, they never called the duct cleaners at all.

    • After building a new home. It is also a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned after your new home has been built. Chances are the debris from the drywall dust and particles from other construction materials had built up the ductwork and so it needs cleaning.

    • Every three to five years. Like what was mentioned earlier, the recommendation says the air ducts should be cleaned at least once on three to five years. Well, this is, of course, if you haven’t noticed anything unusual in your ductwork like rodent infestation, roaches and other insects coming in and out of the ductwork which has the potential to bring vermin infestation in your home, or a visible “poof” of dust from the supply register as the air comes out of it.

    • If you have pets at home. Pets normally shed dander and fur that can also build up in your ductwork. To avoid allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments, make sure to call the duct cleaners and have your ductwork cleaned before it is too late.

Although you are not required to have your ductwork cleaned too frequently, it is still best for you to check if it already needs cleaning. Call Melbourne duct cleaner for high quality duct cleaning service. Keep in mind that it is your health as well as your family’s health that you are taking into consideration while you call them and ask to clean your air ducts.

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