Functions of Electrical Contractors


Whether you are building a new home or you are planning to undergo home renovations, you need to look for electrical contractors Brisbane who can provide you a quality and safe service when it comes to matters that concern all the electrical outlets in your home. First you have to understand that electricians are different from contractors. The latter usually owns a company and he hires or employs electricians.
Wrong electrical connections can lead to fire and to prevent this, be sure to look for electrical contractors as they are the ones who will provide you with licensed electricians. Outlined below are the basic functions of contractors:

1) They are responsible for the testing, assembly, and the maintenance of electrical wirings, electrical equipments, electrical appliances, and electrical fixtures through the use of their hands and some power tools.

2) The electrical contractors conduct the testing of electrical systems and they make sure that there is a continuity when it comes to the circuits and equipments through the use of gadgets such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes in order to test the compatibility and the safety of the electrical system.

3) It is also the duty of the electrical contractors to make sure that their hired electricians’ licenses are not expired and that these licenses conform the regulation of the government.

4) It is also the duty of electrical contractors to plan the layout of the electrical wirings in their construction projects.

5) In case there is a problem in the electrical wirings, the contactors are tasked to diagnose and solve the problems. They work hand in hand with their licensed electricians but it is the contractors who are responsible for any issues that may arise.

6) It is also the responsibility of the contractors to attach the wires to the circuit breakers and transformers. This responsibility is not an easy one as the contractors ensure the safety of the buildings. Normally, in case of fire, the electrical contractors are asked to help in the investigation in order to locate where the fire may have started.

7) They are the ones who inspect the electrical system and look into the electrical panel as well as all the electrical wires. It is their responsibility to know if adjustments need to be made in order to prevent fire.

8) The electrical contractors give an advice to the building administrators or owners if there are certain electrical wirings pose danger.