Some Important Facts About Termites

Since termites have been giving lots of problems to most of the homeowners that ended them spending thousands of dollars just for termites to be totally eliminated, if you are one of these homeowners, then maybe you want to know some facts about them and contact a reliable pest control service. As they say, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. So, in a way, you can get closer to termites if you will some facts about them. Everybody knows how damaging termites can get. Since they feed on woods, they are some of the reason why most properties made of woods are torn apart. The thing is, they you can kill them easily as they are very tiny, but you will really just realize they are around when it is already too late, like most of the foundation in your house are already eaten.

So, for you to be aware about their ways and their characteristics here are some facts about them:


- Just like any families, termites have come from a family as well and the thing with them is their fathers will stick with the young ones until they were old enough and able. They are not like the bees where after breeding, the fathers will die.

- You might be happy to know that you are actually dealing with blind termites. But don’t be so trusting though as there is not really a big loss to them. Since they are used of working under their colonies or behind walls, they don’t really need to see anything to eat.

- Termite soldiers are very much ready like every day they are going to war. Once they detect a threat, they will right away warn the others while banging their heads to the walls of their colony so that it will vibrate.

- These pests thought it all and they are very organized. Since they can’t see, they use some kind of a scent so that the others will know where their companions are. Each of their colonies will produce a determining scent to guide those who are part of it.

- There are termites that are winged and they use them to find a mate. But once they will find a good enough place to use as their dwelling, they will shed their wings.

- They are known as silent destroyers because of the fact that they will not be detected until it is already too late like they have already consumed most parts of the house.

- One thing that that is not good about termites especially for most homeowners is the fact that they are very numerous because they reproduce easily. As a matter of fact, they are said to be more in numbers compared to humans.

With these facts about them, you should be more careful and try hard to make sure that they can never invade your place. Good thing that there professional termite exterminators that you can hire . They can help you in dealing with these pests so that they will never bother your home again.