Clearing out Clogged Kitchen Drains

If the plunger is not enough, then you need to think of an alternative which is clearing the trap under the sink. Experienced plumbers also need a while to get this done, so make sure you have all your tools in place and are ready for a long haul.

First, check for a square or hexagonal plug in the trap which is known as a ‘clean-out’ plug. If you can find one, removing the plug and pushing a straightened coat hanger or bottle brush around the bends and loosening the debris should be enough. If the clean out plug isn’t present, then you will have to remove the trap from its fittings and then wash it down with hot water.

Remember to keep a bucket and mop handy to wipe away any waste water.

Using a chemical drain cleaner

If manual tricks do not work, you can try using chemical cleaners that contain lye or sulphuric acid to clean the drain before calling plumbers to fix your kitchen.

How to Unblock Drains

Apply a layer of petroleum jelly so that the plunger has a better grip and a tighter suction is created. Push the plunger down a couple of times, and test to see if the water has begun to drain. Repeat the process if needed and when done wash the drain down with hot water to remove any leftover debris.

Fixing a smelly drain in the house

Smelly drains are such common occurrences that there are some easy and well known quick-fixes you can apply to get rid of them before giving up and running to plumbers Perth .