Budgeting for Kitchen Renovations


The renovation industry in Australia has picked up pace over the years. As per a survey, around 20 percent of houses in Australia want to go in for kitchen renovation. Renovations form an integral part of houses' aesthetics. As they tend to lose their sheen and aesthetic value over the course of time. Renovations Perth not only spruce up the aesthetics of the house, but also offer opportunities to curb those niggling issues that crop up due to age.

Kitchen Renovations for Every Budget

For starters an average kitchen renovation costs roughly around AUD 10,000 to AUD 40,000. But there are a number of points that one needs to consider while going in for kitchen renovations. Components such as kitchen size, electronic appliances, materials and labor are integral to the type of kitchen renovation one wants to go for. These all components needs to be factored in for both budget and time lines.

Generally, full restoration includes restructuring, changing electrical appliances, cabinetry, plumbing and flooring. The budget for small kitchen ranges from AUD 10,000 to AUD 20,000. Around AUD 20,000-AUD 36,000 for a kitchen renovation in mid-range and AUD 40,000 and above for top end kitchens. Another important point to factor in while doing kitchen renovations is the size of the kitchen as it might need structural changes. One can add shifting of plumbing and electrical works to these changes.


If one is going for a full scale kitchen renovation wherein there might be structural changes. It is advisable to go with a kitchen renovations expert or consultant. Consultation and design might take around six to eight weeks. Kitchen consultants or experts can also offer advice on number of appliances, products, plumbing, and kitchen cabinets.

Many a times house owners want to go for custom cabinets. In that case the timeline ranges between four to ten weeks. The time lines extend in case one decides to import cabinets. It is important to discuss cabinetry with consultants as it is an important component in kitchen renovations. A lot of kitchen design revolves around this component and increase the appeal of kitchen.

After everything is finalized dismantling hardly takes a day. In case there are structural changes it takes around three to four for minor changes. For major structural changes it takes around three to four weeks. Installation of cabinetry, electronic appliances and lighting take roughly around one to four weeks.

Benchtops if used for renovations can add up to another week. This also depends on the template used for benchtops. Kitchen splashback needs another few days for installation. These come in two options which are glass or tiles.

Timelines for flooring depend upon the kind of material being used. Floor tiles takes around a few days. In case there is a small budget for flooring, one can opt for vinyl flooring which comes with added benefit of being waterproof.

Thus the timeline for kitchen renovations hover around four to six months for high end kitchens and around three to four weeks for small budget kitchens.