Common Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are more than one ways to skin a cat and the same goes for carpet cleaning. Here are three common ways both home owners and professional carpet cleaners use in order to keep a carpet clean and healthy.

Carpet Shampoo

Carpet shampoo is probably the oldest form of carpet cleaning and one of the mostly used when cleaning a carpet, especially if done at home. Carpet shampoo comes in different applications nowadays thanks to modern technology with the first one being the wet shampoo and its counterpart is the dry shampoo. Wet shampoo is performed by using a rotary brush. The shampoo is sprayed while the brush drives it into the carpet. The carpet then has to be dried out and vacuumed to get rid of extra dirt. Dry shampoo is also applied in the exact same way as the wet shampoo. However, the difference between the two is that the dry shampoo is easier to dry out as it only uses 10% of liquid with the rest of the remaining percentage is nothing but air.


Encapsulation is an environment-friendly way of cleaning up a carpet. This cleaning method is an example of a dry carpet cleaning as there water is not involved in the cleaning process. Encapsulation is easy to perform: the encapsulating solution is used together with a floor cleaning machine. The floor machine gets the solution to work against the dust and dirt and crystalizes it. Once this is done, the “encapsulated” dirt can be lifted away instantly and without any more hassles using a vacuum cleaner. The primary benefit of encapsulation as a cleaning method is that the carpet can be used right away since it does not see the need of being dried out.

Hot Water Extraction Method

This is perhaps the most successful, highly celebrated and widely used technique of cleaning a carpet. Dry carpet cleaning Sydney actually opt in using this method because it is not only limited to cleaning carpets but it also comes with different benefits. These benefits are the effective removal of not only dust and dirt but also potential allergens and even the upkeep of the carpet’s appearance. Hot water extraction method, otherwise known as steam carpet cleaning, works in this manner: the dirt deeply embedded into the carpet is loosened by the water sprayed gently onto the carpet by the machine and is vacuumed in an instant by the machine – as if the water just grabs the filth and lifts it away together with the motion of the vacuum. This machine is either portable or truck mounted and is known as the hot water extraction machine with the latter a much more preferred and a powerful option compared with the portable machine.