Child Custody

Physical custody gives the parent the right to physically live with the child. In case of joint physical custody, both parents get to share equal amount of time with the child. Joint physical custody presents a lot of problems because it requires both parents to live within a reasonable distance of each other.

Negotiating an amicable equation between a divorced couple for the best interests of the child is a major concern. Family lawyers can help in managing the various issues which arise with physical custody.

Sole custodyFamily Lawyers Brisbane Toowoomba

Sole custody refers to a situation where only one parent has custody while the other has only visitation rights. Often there are major disputes between ex spouses as to who should gain custody of the child. Concerns like these require the advice of family lawyers. If you feel that your spouse is unfit to take the responsibility of your child, you may have to legally battle it out.

Birds Nest Custody

This arrangement requires the child to stay in a particular place while the parents take turns moving in and out. Though this system allows the child to stay in a stress free environment, it requires a lot of adjustments on the behalf of parents. Birds nest custody is negotiated by the family attorneys only if both parents have alternative residence options.

High divorce rates are an undeniable reality of modern existence. Along with emotional trauma, divorce brings legal issues like property divisions, child custodial battles and alimony. If you or any close relative has recently been through divorce, you must know the importance of family lawyers during this phase. Family Lawyers are experts in divorce and alimony laws and can help you place or defend your claims in the court.