Harmful Effects of Drug Driving

It is important to note that not only taking drugs is illegal, even possessing them is. Possession of banned drugs and driving under their influence is a crime and you will be charged and prosecuted under the law. There are more cases of accidents caused due to driving under alcohol influence as compared to others. This is a major reason that drug driving, its side effects and dangers are not in the common conscience of people.

You tend to forget that drugs can be equally harming and disastrous, in fact even more than alcohol sometimes. The message is clear – avoid drug driving for your own safety. It is illegal and you could face a criminal prosecution.

Stimulants seem to give you immense confidence and high alertness in the start. But they wear off quickly and without warning, leaving you all sleepy, groggy and weary.

This sudden dip is alertness is a major cause of accidents. Also, this high alertness can sometimes turn into high rage causing the driver to indulge in high speed races. This an even lead to extreme level of depression that might lead the driver to do destructive suicide attempts.

Even prescription medicines can be considered under case of drug driving. It is because medications like pain killers, tranquilizers and cold medicines reduce the reaction time and cause drowsiness which in turn can cause serious trouble in concentrating on driving. If you are under medication, it is better you let someone else drive or take a cab than driving yourself.