A Family Lawyer can Help You in De Facto Relationship

You must prove conclusively and beyond the scope of any reasonable doubt that you were in an authentic domestic relationship with your partner. You must also prove that your relationship is no longer valid or you are no longer married to each other.

You have a clear geographical connection to the jurisdiction of the court you have applied to. Finally your relationship must have broken down after the date 1.3.2009. If your de facto relationship broke down before that, you have to take special permission from court.

Role of family Lawyers

Family Lawyer are specially trained in the sections of family law and they are conversant with all the legal loopholes. Even an educated and highly articulate person will not be able to make a fair representation of his/her case in the court if he doesn’t have an extensive legal understanding.

Your family lawyer will always have your best interest in mind and will project the case in a way which ensures maximum chances of the court ruling in your favour. Family lawyers have years of experience in dealing with such cases and they can be a source of emotional support and act as a logical advisor during difficult times.

Federal Court or Family Court

After maximum of two years, you may apply for De facto financial orders. After two years you need to take special permission from the family court to apply for the same. Issues which can be resolved in court by the able intervention of family lawyers are child custody issues, visiting rights, property disputes and financial wealth distribution.