How to Choose a Migration Agent?

Migration is an emotionally taxing and logistically difficult process. Uprooting your existence from your native country and then forming living arrangements in a foreign land is never easy. You will have legal complications and paperwork to deal with and this will occupy much of your time and resources. Choosing good migration agents will make your transition process smoother.

Is the agent registered?

The first thing you should look for is the registration status of your agent. You should check this even if the agent has come to you on reference. Simply ask to see the certificate of registration (this must have the agent’s photo attached to it). You can also go to the official website of immigration Australia and check out whether the agents name is included in the list of registered agents.

The immigration website will contain a separate list of agents whose registration status has been cancelled or lapsed. All these information is easily available at your fingertips thanks to the MARA office.

What is the relevant experience?

Looking at the past experience of the migration agent is very important if you want to understand whether or not he will be suitable for your case. Ask the agent questions like “what’s your expertise area?” “Will your skill set and competencies enable you to find a proper solution for my issue?” “Can you give me references of people you have worked with in the past who were in a similar position?” the answers to these questions will tell you whether or not you should hire that particular migration agent.