The Roles of Patent Lawyers

If you have invented a product that you think the majority can benefit from, you can apply for a patent so it will not be copied by others and it can be considered as your invention and not someone else. The only way to apply for a patent is to look for a patent lawyer who will assist you in the filing of documents in the appropriate body of government. There are only few patent lawyers who are experts in the field of intellectual property rights, trademarks, and copyrights.

Some patent lawyers either work in private firms or in an organization that has a patent department. But what you have to understand is that they are not in any way related to the patent office as this office is a body of the government that approves patent application. In other words, the patent lawyers do not work under the body of government that is responsible for granting patents.

Roles of patent lawyers

1) The main role is to assist the individual who created or invented a product in getting a patent for his invention. There are many patent offices where the individual has to prove that it is his own invention and that the product is entirely new and that such kind of product has never been marketed before.

2) In case somebody copies the patented products, the patent lawyers also play a major role by helping in the protection of rights of the individual who has the right on the patented product. The lawyers will go to the court and apply the necessary sanctions against the violators.

Reason to hire patent lawyers

It is necessary to hire them because there is a process of law to be obeyed before a patent is granted. Likewise, in case the intellectual property right is violated, it is the job of the lawyers to study the case, file it, and prove that there is an infringement in the copyright.

Training of patent lawyers

There are different kinds of lawyers- some are experts in the field of taxation, criminal law, and some in the field of patent licensing. Apart from finishing and passing the bar examination, patent lawyers also need to have a thorough background in the field of science, engineering, among others. Why? because they have to understand the complexities of various kinds of inventions in different fields such as medicines, engineering, among others.

Michael Buck is an Australian patent attorney based