Post Divorce Helpful Co-parenting Tips

Maintaining consistency in custody schedules, and bedtime and morning routines helps children thrive. Ask your ex-spouse for details of the child’s routine when at their place and try to follow the same routine as much as possible even in your home. During unexpected situations like work conflicts, illness, or emergencies, be flexible and work together to tide over those unexpected situations and accommodate the child’s needs. Make sure family members or friends are informed beforehand when neither of you can be with the children. Consult family lawyers Sydney.

Be in the know

Keep track of activities, appointments, and custody days; particularly in summer when the schedules vary considerably from the usual routine due to the school holidays. You and your ex-spouse should both subscribe to the e-mail list maintained by the school and keep a tab on important dates. Be proactive in getting information from teachers, coaches, and more importantly from your own children. This helps you to be more responsive to your children’s needs and better anticipate potential schedule conflicts with your ex-spouse.

Always remember that your children are your biggest priority and where they are concerned, ego issues and blame-games are best avoided. Try to be one step ahead of the situation. It may not always be possible though, and sometimes you would need to find alternate solutions, but having a cordial relationship with your ex, and having friends and family who will support you will go a long way in making your life easier.E-mail is an excellent option if face-to-face or phone conversation is too challenging.

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