Effect of Relocation on Children

While divorce may severely affect the individuals involved, the effects divorce and a failed marriage have on the children are far worse. One of the aspects that affect children most is the relocation aspect. When one parent gets child custody, the child may experience several emotions because he or she has to get used to staying with one parent instead of living as a family unit. However, when a parent decides to relocate with their child, it may affect the child a great deal.


Children of divorced parents anyway face a lot of insecurities. A divorce can contribute to several emotional upheavals and problems in a child’s mind. One of the greatest insecurities can come about when the parent decides to relocate for legal or custodial reasons.

The prospect of moving to an unfamiliar city with just one parent can terrify any young child. While children below the age of 5 can be taught to overcome their insecurities faster, older children who have experienced a family life for a couple of years may find it harder to deal with their insecurity.

Overall confusion

Children of a recently divorced couple may experience severe confusion because they have to suddenly learn to divide their time, life and thoughts between their parents. This general confusion can make them question everything about their life.

It is important to counsel children of divorced parents and pay attention to their changing needs and behavioural patterns as a result. Family Lawyer can also help in several ways during this time.