Common Risks for Falls at Workplace

Workplace accidents and related incidents are a common occurrence in offices. Sudden accidents or falls may either be a result of employee neglect or company negligence. Sometimes, severe falls or accidents from elevated levels can actually result in death or serious, lifelong injuries. This is when the assistance of Compensation Lawyers are required. It is important for managerial staff to identify the common risks that lead to falls at the workplace and accordingly improve the work and office conditions. Precautions need to be taken at the company level to avoid accidents and falls in general.

Wet or uneven surfaces

It is common for employees to slip on wet or uneven surfaces. These types of falls or accidents can happen within the office premises as well as surrounding common areas or on the grounds of the office complex. If the ground or floor surface within is uneven it is the general responsibility of the management to fix it.

Employees usually rush against time to complete tasks at work and may not realize that a floor surface can be a potential threat resulting in a fall. Several of them commonly lose their balance, slip and fall while at the workplace as a result.

Wrong placement or negligence while using equipment

Simple repair equipment like ladders and drills may also prove to be a common risk resulting in falls or other types of injury. Repairmen may place ladders in a negligent manner, leading to a sudden fall. Sometimes they may plug in repair devices in wrong connections leading to currents or short circuits.

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