Guide for Protecting Your Estate

There are several tips you can follow to protect your estate and assets.

Wills and estate lawyers will always advise you to get a variety of insurance covers to meet your needs. In event of your demise or in a case where you are medically unfit to earn, your insurance will protect and provide for your family. Aside from that, it is best to have a retirement fund in preparation of your future.

There are basically 4 major types of cover apart from the traditional death cover. The first is income protection by which you can protect up to 75% of your income in case you are injured or unfit. There is total disablement cover for protection against permanent injury. The third type is Trauma cover, which deals exclusively with medical conditions. The last one is business insurance, which will take care of your overheads in event of your non participation. See Personal Injury

Planning your Insurance cover

You will have to work out an estimate of the amount of cover you will need. This can be a tricky task as it involves estimating your net worth and calculating the future costs incurred by your family in the event of your demise. Things to consider while calculating insurance cover are lifestyle maintenance costs of your family and children’s education plans. You will also have to take unpaid loans and mortgages into consideration...

Also you must take into consideration updating your beneficiaries incase of divorce. The settlement applied during the course may take effect on your estate planning.

There are free life insurance calculators available on the WWW. You can use one to find an approximate estimate of your ideal insurance cover. You can also procure more information through your super in case you want to upgrade to a higher plan.

Do not delay preparing your will.

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