Work Injury Cases

It may not sound important but protective clothing is actually one of the most important things you can do for your employees. Godowns and garages have oil and acid spills on a day to day basis. Such chemicals can cause harm to your employee’s skin and also make a very good case in the court. Gloves and masks should be made mandatory wherever necessary. If it is a high involvement job make sure to make your employees wear full sleeve protective clothing.


A compensation lawyer can very well use lack of training against you in the court. So it’s best that you provide proper training to your employees and also get a document signed by them accepting the completion of the training provided to them. Having fire drills done on regular intervals are also part of basic training for the employees benefit. It is always best to solve the problem before hand rather than doing a damage control after the incident has occurred.

In case of personal injury, be as human as possible and care for the injured employee right away. Do not worry about footing the initial hospital charges. Treat your employees as your family member and you may not have to see the face of the court at all. A compensation lawyer may try to encourage your employee to go aggressive on you but if you have always taken care of your employees, you can be rest assured less or no harm will come your way.