Digital Marketing Strategy

Do not hire a digital marketing agency just by talking to the sales team. Talk to the actual people who would be handling your assignment. You would be in a better position to evaluate the competence, experience and work ethics of the agency if you interact with them instead of just the sales team.

However, keep in mind that big is not always the best. There are many small agencies or freelance consultants who can handle your digital marketing assignment just as well. Seek references from friends or acquaintances before taking a decision.

Check Client Portfolio

A seasoned digital marketing agency should have an eclectic mix of clients for whom they have been working successfully. Ask for references of past and present clients and talk to them before hiring. Most agencies will claim that they have got top ranking for a client’s website or blog. You will know the truth only when you speak to the owner of the website. It would be easier for you to decide if some of the clients have been in a position similar to yours and have achieved success through proper guidance from the agency you want to hire.

Check for services offered

A professional digital marketing agency will specify the metrics they use for your campaign in terms that you can understand. Digital marketing experts often use terms that are not familiar to the uninitiated. It is vital for you to understand all the terms of digital marketing, the implications, effectiveness of strategies and its impact on your business before hiring. Don’t be shy to ask questions regarding the above and also about a specific time frame. Many companies bring in partners who claim to offer ancillary services.

Corporate videos are proven to be an effective marketing strategy as they are capable of reaching thousands to millions of viewers.

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