Digital Printing Vs Offset Printing

There are certain variables to be considered before one can come to a conclusion. Bu inferring on the basis of ceteris paribus (all other factor or variables remaining the same), it can be said that off set technology is cheaper when taking printing in large volumes.

However, if you have a small or short print run, then digital printing works out to be less expensive. The variables to consider are the equipments, energy consumption, cost of labour, and print size or volume. The most expensive part in offset printing is the setting up of plates.

Quality of digital print is better

You need to redefine ‘better’ in this case, to have a clear perspective. If you are looking for consistency in print runs of large volumes without compromising on quality, then the offset method always has an edge over the digital printing process. But that again depends on the expertise of the personnel handling the offset press.

Commercial digital printers Sydney tend to give you prints that look like the original but you’ll see that the print quality in the first page is markedly better than the last page, as the ink quality goes down with larger print runs.

Digital printing can be used alongside offset printing, especially when you need to set up printing plates.