Myths about Offset Printing Debunked

The advent of the Internet in the late eighties of the last century posed a big challenge to the conventional technologies that were being used in every commercial or industrial segment. Take offset printing technology, for instance. Since the time, offset technology for printing, evolved circa 1875, it was the most extensively used technique for printing. Lithography, chromolithography, and rotary press methods of printing were on the decline.

Development of newer technologies like screen printing, phototypesetting, dot matrix and laser printing, thermal and inkjet printing could not pose a serious enough challenge to offset technology. But with the arrival of 3D digital printing in 2003, the hegemony of offset technology is at stake.

To get the best results in printing, both the technologies can be used in harmony. But many people do not have a fair idea of how the offset printing technology works. Off set printing Sydney offers the best service when it comes to offset printing

There are some myths still prevalent about the offset technology that one needs to debunk, in order to have a better understanding of the offset mechanism. Shedding myths will especially help those in the printing business, to use both the technologies in unison, for better output.