Benefits of PVC Plumbing

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a synthetic plastic material that is extensively used for making pipes of different shapes and sizes. Though PVC is used to manufacture several other products, its prime application is in the making of pipes for plumbing purpose. Most hardware stores sell these pipes which are available in white, grey or transparent shades. There are several benefits of PVC pipes over traditional metal pipes that make PVC a huge favourite with plumbers.

Light in Weight

Compared to the metal pipes of the past, PVC pipes are extremely light in weight. These can be safely and conveniently carried around to job sites, unlike the heavier iron or copper pipes. Because of their light weight, PVC pipes can be easily fitted on to areas where there is no scope for providing additional support for holding heavier pipes.

Durable and Strong

Extreme heat often causes metal pipes to crack while exposure to the atmosphere makes them rust and corrode. Also, there are several chemical that affect metal pipes, causing them to erode faster. Being made of plastic like material, PVC pipes however are extremely resistant to the vagaries of nature that commonly affect metal pipes.

They are also immune to the affects of chemicals passing through them. PVC pipes are ideal for earthquake-prone areas as they are light yet extremely strong. They do not dent or break easily. In fact, manufacturers claim that PVC pipes can last for a century if installed properly.


Being resistant to heat; corrosion and chemical erosion, PVC pipes are extremely safe. When you use PVC pipes for carrying water to your home, you can be sure of no contamination from outside elements.