Tips for Selling a Property that is Occupied by Tenants

In the real estate market when it comes to selling property that is already occupied by tenants, you have to be careful. In certain places it is illegal to sell property that is already occupied by tenants even if you are the rightful landlord or owner. However, when the tenant has surpassed their stay or when you need to dispose of property for other reasons you can still find a way to do so.

Wait for the agreement to be terminated

If you have a tenant staying in one of your properties, chances are that you have already signed a formal lease agreement with him. Ideally it would help to wait until the lease agreement period ends on its own.

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In the time before it does you can always market your property and shortlist a few agents and potential buyers. Do the field work required in the meantime and place local ads in the paper until the agreement formally ends.

Talk to your tenant / tenants

As a responsible real estate owner it is important to inform your tenants if you are thinking of selling the property. If the property is yours, it is anyway your decision to do what you want to with it. Even if you have tenants, if you responsibly inform them of your problems, chances are that they may support you.

It is only in very rare cases that tenants pose problems themselves. However, in order to win them you have to broach the topic carefully. Explain your thoughts and reasons behind the decision to sell. Chances are that if you have personal financial problems they will automatically understand.

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