Tile Kitchen Splashbacks – The Options

Installation of splashbacks is essential to keep your kitchen spotless and hygienic. They are remarkably easy to clean and maintain. You may choose from a wide assortment to match the décor of your kitchen. Tile splashbacks are the most versatile as they are cost effective and durable when compared to other varieties. Besides, the tiles offer an unlimited choice in styles, colours and textures.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles made of ceramic are widely prevalent. You may get them in several shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. The high gloss on the surface makes it resistant to scratches and easy to clean. The cost of ceramic tiles is reasonable.

Glass Tiles

Splashback tiles made of glass are certainly more expensive than most other splashback materials. However, the stylish varieties available lend an altogether amazing look to the kitchen. A homeowner may feel that their splendour is worth the expense.

Stone Tiles

Stone tile splashbacks add a touch of class to any kitchen. You can choose from a wide collection of marble, granite and other stone materials. They are expensive and most stone tiles are difficult to maintain. Granite is easy to main, though.

Mosaic Splashbacks

Novel ideas in mosaic have made mosaic splashback tiles back in fashion. You may select from a wide range of mosaic choices. Mosaics are available in ceramic, porcelain, glass and several other materials. Contemporary mosaic designs are very original and artistic. Glass-patterned mosaic tiles are very appealing.