Tips for Writing a Web Design Brief

Your website will be your first impression in front of millions of potential customers and you should hire a good web design company to design one for you. Designing a good web design brief is one of the most important things to do in terms of ensuring a quality website and following a few simple tips will ensure that you cover all essential points in your brief.

The essence of your business

The first thing you should do is to communicate the vision and mission of your business in your creative brief. The ideology behind your work and your defined target audience will let your web designers know what kind of tone to use while designing your website.

Communicate the colour theme used in your marketing materials, office and work stationary.

Make sure that this color scheme is implemented in your web site to present a homogenized image of your business. The clearer your web design company is about the basic goals of your business, the more comfortable they will be while designing your website.

Your expectations from your website

When you hire Web design Sunshine Coast, be clear about the specific functionalities you want to integrate into your website. Don’t depend exclusively on your web designer. If you want a shopping cart, online questionnaires, forms, social networks integrated into your website, make sure that you communicate the same to your web designer.

It’s not wise to assume that your web design company will continue doing maintenance work for free.

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