A New Home vs Pre Owned Property

A house that is being built is like a blank canvas. You can upgrade it according to your requirements and add fixtures and decorations. You can dictate the floor plan, the colour and flooring material. You can design your own landscape and beautify the garden just as you want. On the other hand, if you are going to buy a new house, you need to check the structures to avoid any hassles before you transfer - Pre purchase Property inspectors.

Check the Neighbourhood

This is another area that will need thorough inspection before the actual purchase. Discuss any specific needs with Real estate agents to avoid disappointments. If you have children in the family, you will want houses that are close to good schools. Similarly, if you have geriatric patients, look for residences that have old-age homes or hospitals nearby. Generally, the neighbourhood should have all basic facilities like markets, offices, entertainment areas, transportation etc.


If buying a new home seems the best decision, do consider the disadvantages. Old homes are usually situated in established neighbourhoods that already haves their own character. You may or may not like the neighbourhood but is it sure to have an impact on your life and family if you live there. New homes however do not guarantee a suitable neighbourhood. You may ask Real estate agents as they are the expert in real estate market.

Such homes usually come up in new areas that are not well-settled. People sell and move away, plans change due to several factors and the neighbourhood may not shape up just as you dreamt it would.

Secondly, older homes already have the fixtures in place and the landscape is well-maintained. You can be sure of the quality of materials used as homeowners usually use only best quality materials. With developers, you are not always sure of the grade of supplies used. Upgrades and decorations are expensive and the builder will force you to accept expensive packages for any changes that you suggest.

Lastly, real estate developers are notorious for extending deadlines and you can never be sure about when you new home will be ready.

Perth mortgages can show you different homes if you plan to buy an old property.