Duties Of Real Estate Agents

Maintaining confidentiality is by far the most crucial and significant aspect of an agent’s fiduciary liaison with his client.

Normally real estate agents would know if you’re putting your house on a distress sale but they're bound by their sense of duty not to reveal the same to buyers. By that same token, the price you’ve set for selling your property might match the offer made by a prospective buyer, but they won't disclose your offer at the outset.

Thorough Marketing

The least that you can expect from your agent is that he’ll market your property in a manner so that some interested parties show up at your door in a given time period. Real estate agents use their resources to the hilt so that you get the best offer for your property.


Accounting obligations require the agent to safeguard your property and any that you might handover during the course of selling your property. Most estate agents from real estate agents services deposit keys or funds that you might give, with his company or to your estate lawyer.

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Admissions and disclosures

Admissions and disclosures imply that the agent should tell everything in detail about the listed property and not withhold anything that might be damaging for the client he’s representing.

But of course, even the most experienced of property agents representing professional real estate agents services cannot be expected to disclose facts that they’re not aware of. But if he fails to bring to the notice of a prospective buyer that your house has a leaking attic or has a swimming pool fencing in a state of disrepair, he is violating his fiduciary obligations.