Checklist for Moving in to Your Newly Purchased Property 

So you think that you can finally relax now that you have finally purchased your real estate heaven (your new home). You can enjoy the blissful feeling till the stress of moving in sets in. Moving to a new place requires proper planning and an organised approach to be a smooth transition.

45 days prior to your big move

You should at least start planning for moving into a new place 45 days before the actual event. Start with organising quotes from multiple vendors who provide moving services (in case you need one) and select the one which fits your needs and budget the best. In case you are not taking the help of a professional mover, talk to truck rental companies about reservations.

Make a list of special items like large glass centrepieces, an antique statue or a piano. These things are expensive and difficult to move so treat them with special care. If you can get hold of the floor plan of your new real estate property, you can start making plans of where to arrange your furniture in your new home. 

In the future that you want to sell your house, hire Real estate agents.

30 days prior to your big move

One month before your moving into your new home, you should be done with going over all the details of payment terms, insurance and warranty clauses with your mover. Go over your packing and moving timeline carefully and explain that you have certain delicate/ expensive items which need to be handled with special care.

Sell off or donate stuff that is not going to fit into your new real estate venture. You must take all records and copies of important papers from your doctor, accountant and lawyer, especially if you are moving out of the area. Change your address on magazine subscriptions, ordering catalogues and your business cards.