Why Your House is Not Selling?

A huge deciding factor in the purchase of a new home is the location. In fact, location is important enough to be a deal breaker. Your home might be attractive with great features but if it’s in a poor location, it’s bound to sell for lesser price than a similar house in a good location.

Poor location indicators are busy and congested roads, non availability of good schools, high rates of crime and lack of easy conveyance. You cannot do anything to improve these factors so reduce your selling price to attract homebuyers.

Poor marketing plan

Many agents will simply get you to sign the listing agreement and then put your property on the MLS. While a multiple listing site is a good marketing tool, it’s not sufficient to guarantee good offers. Ask Real estate agents if they could arrange tours, update listings and actively advertise your property.

Real Estate Course

Some people can afford to take up detailed and long term courses that last more than a year. However, not everyone can afford to spend that much time away from their work. If you are already doing well in the real estate sector you may not need to spend too much time on a real estate course. Try to figure out how much time you can afford to spend on a course before signing up for it. That way you can choose something that gets over within the preferred or expected time frame.

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