Tips to Prevent Lock Bumping in Your Home

Worse than the feeling of being robbed is the thought that a thief got a hold of your key and simply waltzed into your home. Lock bumping is a type of lock picking, wherein a thief uses a special key to simply shift the pins inside a lock into place. He can easily open any deadbolt lock without making any noise or alerting neighbors. The additional trauma to the poor homeowner is that there is no sign of forced entry, making it difficult to claim your insurance policy. It is possible for anyone to find a lock bumping guide and have a specially crafted key. Take a few security steps to ensure your home is protected.

Alarm security systems

When you set up an alarm system, you designate a perimeter protection around your home, which prevents people from being in close proximity. No one can come near your home in the middle of the night without alerting you. Moreover, your home will have the added advantage of alerting authorities should anyone unauthorized breach your alarm system, especially if you are asleep in your home.

An Alarm monitoring Brisbane is effective against lock bump as no one can come near without the knowledge of your security monitoring company.

Biometric Lock

The biometric door lock doesn’t require keys; instead it recognizes your fingerprints or does a retinal scan. Biometric locks can be of many types, including deadbolts, magnetic locks or cylinder locks. These locks cannot be opened with lock bumping, due to its electronic machinery.