Beauty Treatments You Should Try Today

Salons and spas offer a plethora of beauty treatments for every part of your body. Regular salon treatments can not only effectively eliminate a variety of skin problems, they will also make your facial and body skin glow with health, radiance and beauty. Flawless, problem free, blemish free, baby soft and supple skin does not need any make up. Salon treatments try to ensure that you don’t need to hide your beautiful skin under layers of makeup.

Advanced Body Sugaring

When you want beautiful, silky smooth, velvety skin minus any unsightly hair and without suffering the pain, rashes, nicks and discomfort associated with other techniques of epilation, you should opt for advanced body sugaring body beauty treatments.

Aestheticians make use of sugar paste and an Alexandrian technique for extracting body hair without pulling it in the direction opposite to its growth. This ensures safe, comfortable and pain or irritation free hair removal. When the dry skin cells are exfoliated, you won’t encounter the problems of ingrown hair, irritation, redness, discomfort, rashes or breakage.

Professional Facial Beauty Treatments

Treatments include rapid or express facial, age reversal facial, photo rejuvenation treatment, various kinds of anti ageing treatments, eye firming treatments, alginate mask, thermal mask, rejuvenation facials, chemibrasion treatments, alpha lipoic maintenance treatment and specialised facials (according to skin type) using herbal and natural aromatherapy ingredients and plant extracts that are free from harsh chemicals. These are natural organic skin care products!


Electrolysis is a safe, pain free, cost effective and proven permanent hair removal technique that can be used even on sensitive private areas.

Weight loss machine is an alternative way in getting rid those stubborn fats in the body.