Common Causes of Blocked Sewer Drain

A house can only be called a home, only if there is harmony in the family, there is love among all the members of the household, there is peace within each family members, and of course, if all the things in your house are well and properly managed. Who would want to have a dirty home? Nobody wants that, right? And obviously, nobody also wants to have blocked sewer drain in their household as well because the moment blocked sewer drain occur in your residence, it causes troubles, pressures, and a lot of money in fixing the problem. As you read along this article, you will be able to know more about the common causes of blocked sewer drain so you can avoid all these and have a blocked free sewer drain.

First and foremost, one contributing factor that causes blocked sewer drain are the big roots from your nearby trees at home. It allows your pipes to be pushed and be out of their right places. Basically, you have to know that the bigger the roots that interrupts your pipes, the bigger the damage it may cause because cracks from your pipes will also be bigger. So, if you have big trees in your home which are near your piping system, you better do something about it to avoid having blocked sewer drain.

If you have pipes that are broken, it can also lead to blocked sewer drain. Take note, if your pipes at home are broken or damaged, the rain water might get inside those pipes which will enable those waste and soil to get inside the pipes which cause blockage and even bring diseases in your home. That is why; it is recommended that you check your pipes regularly to avoid unwanted health issues in your family members.

Objects such as rice residues, pins, or any items which are prone to falling in your sink will also cause blockage. Make sure that you also don’t pour on your used cooking oil in the sink as well because grease is one big factor which causes blocked sewer drain.

Toilet papers also cause blocked sewer drain. Ones these toilet papers accumulates and obstructs, it will really give you a headache. So, to prevent encountering this problem, you better cease putting your used tissue papers on your toilet bowls instead utilize your garbage can.

Take note of the above mentioned factors which contribute to having a blocked sewer drain Sydney so you will always have problem-free and well-functioning drains in your residence.