Cleaning Services

In case you have spilled oil or fat-based substances on your carpet or are dealing with stains from shoe-polish or wax, do not apply water while carpet cleaning.See Carpet cleaners Melbourne.

Spread out a paper towel on top of the stained area in your carpet and lightly press a warm iron on top of it. The heat will help the stain in coming off completely and it will stick to the paper towel instead. After the stain has come off entirely, remove your paper towel carefully without damaging the carpet.

Children often have the habit of sticking their chewing gums in uncanny places like the wall or your carpet. Removing a chewing gum stain is actually easier than most people think. All you need to do is take a piece of ice and dab the chewing gum remnants on your carpet. This will make the chewing gum hard as a piece of chalk.

After the chewing gum has hardened, take any firm object and shatter it to pieces. Without delaying any further, finish your carpet cleaning by getting rid of the chewing gum pieces with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Window Cleaning

The Window cleaning Sunshine Coast company provides after cleaning services. Make sure that your company provides after cleaning maintaining services. They usually warranty a period under which if the windows go real dirty, they clean them for free. Also note the validity of the window cleaning service and the due date for the next one. Widows are usually cleaned in a gap of around 6 -7 months. The companies usually give a long term service and regular customer discount which includes multiple services spread over some time period. You can ask your company for such offers.