Common Reasons for Computer Repair

You’re knee deep in work, typing away diligently on the keyboard, when suddenly, an error message is displayed for a while and then the monitor screen goes blue and your computer stops functioning. You might be facing a software or hardware problem.

Since your PC is built to last for more than a decade, having recurrent problems mean you’re lax about its maintenance or you’ve been tricked into buying a product of inferior quality by the savvy marketing executive.

Following are the some of the most common computer problems you might be staring at.

Your computer fails to boot up

The blue colour is known to calm your nerves and soothe you, but if it appears on your monitor screen, it means that your computer is having a hardware problem or you have been using pirated software containing virus. The BSOD (blue screen of death) might appear if there is a problem with the computer drive or corrupt DLL (dynamic link library).

Whatever the issue, you’d need to fix it as early as possible so that you can get back to working ways. There are many reputed computer repair services and establishments employing certified computer technicians who specialize in all sorts of troubleshooting jobs related to computer.

It might be a missing or corrupt DLL file

The files pertaining to DLL are storehouses of data or information that guides you on how to carry out specific tasks with your DOS (disc operating system) set up. If your computer is having a problem reading a specific DLL file, it means either that file is missing or has become corrupt.

Everytime you want to perform a particular function, you’ll see an error message on the monitor screen. The technician will be able to fix the problem i.e. restore the DLL file or files by tracking them down and re-downloading the same.

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