Dental Laboratory Technicians: Their Duties And Responsibilities

If you have a penchant for precision work, a career as a dental laboratory technician may just be right for you. Before you establish a career path as a dental technician, you need to understand the responsibilities that this job entails. In a nutshell, a dental technician is the person responsible for making dental prostheses, which serve as replacements for natural teeth. You need to have special skills to succeed in this field. You will also have to be prepared as you will face a lot of challenges. Unlike dentists, dental technicians do not work directly with patients.

The Duties And Responsibilities Of Dental Laboratory Technicians

Dental technicians are not working with patients as they work hand in hand with the dentists. They follow detailed instructions based on the patient’s needs and the dentist’s recommendation. Here are some of the duties that dental technicians usually fulfill on a day to day basis.

  • Create partial or full dentures in place of missing teeth;
  • Enhance patient’s function and esthetics through veneers;
  • Restore teeth’s original shape and size using crowns;
  • Creating orthodontic appliances.

Dental laboratory technicians also need a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, plastics, waxes and many more. Technicians also need to acquire some specialized skills to do the job and these are obtained through a series of tasks and laboratory procedures.

A Career In Dental Laboratory Technology: What’s In It For You?

Without a doubt, a career in dental technology is indeed fulfilling because aside from its flexibility, you will also enjoy independence as you get to work without close supervision required. Since, you also need creativity and skills when making prostheses, you will obtain a sense of fulfillment as you get to toil on your craft.

If you are looking for job security, dental technicians can give you that as they are always in demand. With that being said, the satisfaction you get from helping patients restore their dental health also makes the job more rewarding than you know.

The Earning Potential Of Dental Technicians

Another interesting fact to note about dental technicians is that they have unlimited earning potential and it will greatly depend on the responsibilities and skills demonstrated. Dental technicians who have vast experience also choose to become self-employed because of complete independence it provides. There is a bright future that awaits people who want to join the bandwagon as dental technicians are increasingly popular these days.