Most Common Teeth Ailments

Every person has suffered from dental problems at some or the other point of time. Even if you take good take care of your teeth and brush and floss regularly still you run the danger of bacterial infection or plaque formation. A small mistake like having candy bits stick to your mouth for a long time or having too many cups of coffee can send you to dentists.

Problems of the gum

Though gum disease is a relatively simple problem to deal with it, it is still the primary reason behind teeth loss and decay. Once plaque starts accumulating and claiming your mouth as its own it’s the beginning of the end for your gums. So it’s good to visit Dentist Chatswood regularly to maintain healthy teeth.

Plaque generally starts off as a harmless whitish accumulation but the end result is ugly looking teeth with swollen painful gums. If you notice tenderness in your gums get the help of a dentist soon. Get scaling done and then floss regularly at home. Change your toothbrush frequently and take good care of your gums. Teeth ailments are avoidable if you regularly visit dentist.

Decaying teeth

Decay of teeth happens due to the accumulation of plaque. Eating a lot of sugary and starchy food like candy, chocolate, soft breads and any other food which sticks to the mouth is the root cause of all trouble. The sugar in these food combines with the tooth enamel to produce stubborn acids which corrode the teeth.

You will first notice faint yellowish stains on your teeth and then slowly the stains will turn amber and crimson letting you know that your dental hygiene is in trouble. If you leave plaque alone your mouth is going to become a comfortable home for bacteria.

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