Types of Divorces

Divorces are an ugly option for most modern couples today and divorce lawyers have seen a sharp increase in their clientele volume in the last few years. Though both parties involved in the divorce wish for a peaceful ending to the marriage, there are many routes that they take to achieve the same result. Before appointing lawyers and filing the actual application, it’s wise to know about the options in the kinds of divorce applications.

Zero fault applications

Zero fault or no fault applications for divorce are made when both parties do not wish to blame each other for the breakup of the marriage. In this type of application neither party has to gather evidence of fault of each other.

This kind of system is very common in most leading economies of the world and is aimed at providing an amicable way out for both partners trapped in a failing marriage. Hire Divorce Lawyers to help you out in deciding if your case is irreconcilable differences or non compatibility.

Divorce the at fault way

At fault divorce is a process in which both parties seeking a divorce will assign blame to either party. This is generally a difficult and dirty process which is required in very few cities.

Divorce in a summary

When two parties separate on mutual grounds with a clear understanding on the key issues like asset and property division, etc they can opt for a summary divorce. There are certain conditions for a summary divorce like the marriage should be of a short span, there shouldn’t be children involved and the marital property is below a pre fixed amount.a