Choosing Coffins and Caskets

For some people the solid strength and the earthy beauty of hardwood like timber and rosewood suits the purpose of the funeral better. The grainy natural texture of the wood signifies the eternal richness and the philosophy of life. You will be surprised to see the exquisite range of solid timber caskets on offer by any of the leading funeral home. You can choose from blackwood, rosewood, organic pine, cedar and oak. If you have any specific wish or choice then you can communicate the same to the funeral director.

Composite wood caskets

If you have modest tastes and are working within a budget then a composite board coffin can be your perfect choice. Particle board coffins are composed by chips of timber which are tightly pressed together till they form a single piece of board. Fiber boards are made by wood fibers which are pressed together by great force. There are a range of finishes, shapes and styles available in composite and fiber boards. Contact funeral home with your list of specifications for the perfect casket.

Faster Proceedings

When there is an unexpected death at home, there are plenty of options available. If the physician is present at the time of death, the funeral director can simply bring a blank death certificate for the physician to complete it by signing it. If the physician is not present, one can ask his consent to remove the remains. And then the funeral director can visit the physician to obtain the death certificate.