Home Video Surveillance System

Home video surveillance systems are designed to alert you about any kind of emergency in your home or where your loved ones are staying. Now you can know instantly if there is a fire or emission of toxic fumes or if your basement has a leak or is flooded. Through continuous monitoring, you will know if anybody moves your things or accesses your valuables or the liquor cabinet. By viewing video clips of all activities you can detect if there has been an intrusion through the yard or the pool or if it’s just the dog romping around!

Professional Monitory

Many high-end home video surveillance service providers have a centralized monitoring system that keeps tracks of all video clips streamed by the CCTV cameras installed at your home. Whenever security alarms are activated, the personnel manning the monitoring system receive an instant notification through the internet or your own telephone line. Depending on your choice, the personnel will then themselves tackle the situation or notify your local police station or just forward the video clip to you for necessary action as you deem fit.

For school children

Obviously you will want to show your kids where the panic button is so it’s better to give them a live demonstration. A session where you sit down and explain seriously how important the security and alarm monitoring system is required. Show your children hoe to open the doors and windows and how to close them. Tell them about the proper processes of arming the system and disarming it. The pass code and the personal identification number are two things that your kids should remember.

For toddlers below the age 5

Refuse to give your kids the pass code to the security system when they are this young. A toddler won’t understand the importance of a serious matter such as security so just tell them that this is not a toy to be played with.

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