Study Hacks to Inspire you in your Online Class

Everyone of us has a total of 24 hours a day, but not everyone of us can produce the same amount of productivity. Why? It is because we have different ways of managing our time and being poor in this area can cost you some much.

For those who are juggling their day job while completing their online courses, managing your time can be really one tough job. But, don't lose heart in your dreams, all you need is a little bit of strategy and a whole lot of dedication.

Here are some tips to help you.

1. Commitment to your priorities
You have to know your priorities and be committed to it. You always have to ask these questions to yourself.
What are my top 3 priorities?
Are these priorities worth it?
Why am I doing all these things?

By knowing why you pursue your priorities will help you to be more inspired and productive. You always need to have a good foundation of "why" because this is what will encourage you to keep going.

2. Do not procrastinate
Because of the convenience and flexibility of online courses, there are students that open their modules and tell their selves that they'll do it later. Minutes and minutes, hours and hours until they realize that they don't have enough time to finish it.
Procrastinating is a dangerous habit because it indulges you first. Try to instill a mindset of study before rest instead of rest before study.

3. Have an accountability partner.
Completing online courses can sometimes be tedious because you are doing it alone. What you can do to make it fun is to have an accountability partner that will encourage you. This can a friend who is also studying online, your parents or anyone who will remind you that you have to keep focused.

4. Be kind to give yourself rewards.
Everyone loves rewards. Before starting online courses list down possible rewards that you will promise yourself to have if you will successfully complete it. It can be a piece of a cake, a new pair of shoes or a day at the beach.

5. Meditate the end result.
Try to write how is it like when you achieve your goal. Act as if you already claimed it. Then face the mirror and recite it. If you are an aspiring writer and currently enrolled in a writing course you can write a short note about the day you published your first book. This is to boost your confidence and good mood that will help you to be inspired to get back to your modules.