How to Use A Photobooth

Photo booth hire Melbourne is primarily meant for every guest at a party or function. It wouldn’t be fair if you spent too much time inside while other people await their turn outside. Try to limit your total time to less than five minutes.

Do not overcrowd the photobooth

Photobooths are usually built like small cabins. There is usually not a lot of space inside to accommodate more than 4-5 people at a time. As a guest you should use the photobooth responsibly and avoid overcrowding it. If you have a lot of friends that you’d like to take pictures with, try to divide them into two groups instead of overcrowding the booth.

Make sure you don’t damage any internal part

Be careful when you use the photobooth. Keep in mind that the person who is hosting the function has paid a large sum of money on the rental. If you were to damage any internal part of the booth, your host would have to incur the additional charges.

Use it to take fun pictures not random ones

There is a thin line between fun pictures and random ones. In this age where everyone uses fancy cellphones to take multiple shots, random pictures have sort of become a norm. If you decide to take photos at the photobooth, take simple, elegant and fun ones. Use the photobooth to your advantage.

Help your children if they want to use the booth

If your children are keen on using the photobooth then do not allow them to do so alone. Accompany them and teach them how to use it properly.