How to Protect your Digital Antenna when you Go on Holiday

When you go on a holiday, you will obviously want to leave all your worries behind and have a wonderful time. But you can enjoy a peaceful vacation only when you have ensured that you have left everything in order. After all, you wouldn’t to receive any nasty surprises when you return from your holidays. One of the things, which you will have to take care of is your antenna. Since it is mounted at high places, it is susceptible to lightning and many other problems. The following tips will ensure that digital antenna is protected till you return from holiday.

Guard it from the storm

If you are living in a hilly region or a place where strong winds are common, then there are high chances of the antenna being dismantled. In such a case you will have to replace wires, some parts of your antenna or the antenna itself. So it is good to disband it before leaving and keep it safely. It is better to take efforts to build it again than to pick up wrecks and pieces. Changing to a small surface antenna is also helpful as unstable tower and pole can also lead to mutilation of the antenna.

Protect it from lightning

The digital antenna should have a wire connected to the ground. The path should not come across any electrical equipment in the house. The shortest and straight connection is the best. Thus the electricity will pass directly to the ground and will not cause any damage to your house.

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