Common Household Goods you should avoid transporting

Transporting your goods to a new state or new country requires a lot of thought and careful planning. Moving is something that you have to spend at least two months preparing for before the actual move day arrives. Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to transport everything that belonged to their old home to their new one. This is a big mistake especially if you are moving to a new country.

Risks of transporting forbidden items

The country you are moving to will have a list of forbidden items that you are not allowed to bring in. This list may or may not match with the rules followed in your old homeland. It’s a good move to try and read up on the list of prohibited goods and forbidden items of the country you are moving to. If you want to avoid custom problems and do not want to deal with expensive and intricate legal processes your best bet is to try and follow the rules strictly. Even if you are hiring office removalists Sunshine Coast to help with your move do not trust everything that the agent tells you without doing your own market research on the matter.

What not to transport?

There is a list of items you absolutely should not try transporting to a foreign land if you want to avoid trouble. Food items, dairy products and meat products should not be transported. You cannot transport non prescribed medicines, ointments and drugs to a foreign country. You also cannot transport chemicals like bleach, phenyl and kerosene as they are potentially inflammable and corrosive. Transporting items like guns and ammunition is prohibited. In some countries there is a restriction on transporting knives and sharp objects too.

Fragile and breakable items

You might have a beautiful collection of porcelain figures or amazing cutlery in your old home. However you need to think twice before you ask the removalists to pack everything up for transportation to your new destination. If the products you intend to move are delicate and brittle a sticker saying the words “’fragile” needs to be stuck on the box. You also need to arrange for adequate moving insurance coverage for your delicate and expensive items. Not verifying the details of the insurance policy beforehand is a huge and costly mistake. If you want to spare yourself the headache and you are moving away only for some years then it’s a better idea to keep valuable china and antiques in safe keeping of trusted friends and family.