What to do if a USA Seller Does not Ship to Australia?

An online retailer in the US may not agree to ship a product to Australia when you place an order for it at their website. The retailer may not be familiar with overseas shipping options and payment procedures. You may get around this issue by using the services of Shipporter. This delivery service works with several assisted buying facilities in the US to aid in the online purchase of the product.

How the System Works

You may visit an online retail website through any of Shipporter's assisted buying facilities to select an item for purchase. The assisted services work from outside with Shipporter and charge fees according to the type of services offered. You need to fill up the online order sheet after which Shipporter will work with one of the assisted services to process the order requested by you.

The online document will show the details of the costs involved before you decide to place your order. If you place an order for the item, the system informs the concerned buying service about your specifications about the item. The service will confirm the availability of the product and will notify you about their charges. Shipporter will send an invoice for the overseas transportation charges.

Payment of Duties

The shipping cost does not include duties and other taxes. The customs officials will calculate the duties when the goods arrive at the port and will intimate to you about them. However, Shipporter may make available an estimate of the duties, upon request.