Getting Your Equipments Tested

The question of running on right now in your mind must be “so what happens if I don’t comply? What difference must it make?” If you are never caught (and that’s an extremely unlikely event) then you may get away only with a sullied reputation as your employees are anyway going to think that you are unethical. However if you get caught then you will either get a sentence or a heavy fine. If the transgression you are caught with is very severe then you can even get a jail term and a heavy fine. So why take all this unnecessary risk? Get all your appliances tested today and stay on the right side of the law. You will gain a very precious commodity called “peace of mind”.

All details of compliance regulations and safety laws can be found under the specific legislative section of the state and Union territory act.

Data recording and maintenance of records

It’s important for you to know that not only is it legally mandatory for you reduce the risk of injury in your workplace as far as possible but it is also compulsory for you to keep records f the fact that regular tests, maintenance visits and inspections were performed. All inspections must be followed up immediately by an appropriate record entry.

Failure to maintain records properly will again result in fines.

Most business owners can never imagine how something as innocent as a tube light can cause a fire but test and tag service providers say that dysfunctional lights cause 25% of all reported fires. Fluorescent light ballasts get heated up fast while halogen lights have combustible filaments.