Coffee Roasts

There are several methods of roasting the beans. Here are some of the basic techniques employed.

Light Roasts – The beans are roasted until they acquire a light caramel shade of brown. It takes less than seven minutes to achieve a light roast.

A light roast ensures that the coffee bean retains the natural characteristics. The beans have a higher level of caffeine and a greater acidity. These features yield a particularly aromatic brew.

Dark Roasts– The coffee beans are roasted for about thirteen minutes. The beans become dark brown in colour and attain a shiny texture. The shiny texture is due to the oil secreted by the beans. The beans are heavier.

A dark roast bestows a sweet taste and a chocolate like flavour to the drink. The sugars present in the beans caramelise in the heat to impart sweetness.

The caffeine content and the acidity are lower. The brew is less aromatic.

Espresso Roast – The espresso is a very dark roast. The beans are roasted carefully until they are almost black. This minimizes the acidity and the bitterness of the beans and enhances the sweetness.

This variety of roast makes for a very aromatic brew but a creamy, caramel like flavour dominates the aroma of the coffee. The beans acquire a full bodied heaviness.

This kind of roast is ideal for making espresso and cappuccino drinks.

Time is an essential factor. It is crucial to check the beans every few seconds to see the colour and surface texture. A popping sound indicates that the beans are almost done. After the professionals roasting the beans gauge that the process is over, they transfer the beans to a cool chamber.

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