Walk in and reach in refrigeration

Since reach in refrigerator can be comfortably placed anywhere in the kitchen, it is a better choice than the walk-in equipment which has to be installed keeping in mind the design and contours of your kitchen.

If you place the reach in just beside your cooking range, your chef will have easy access to all the ingredients. A chef base kept near the cooking area will also help your cooking staff to prepare meals and serve customers quickly. You’ll save on overheads.

So, there’s a lot of planning that needs to be done before you start stocking on your commercial refrigeration equipment.

Used refrigerators or display cases may look perfectly new but since most of their functional parts are enclosed and sealed, it would be very difficult for you to gauge their actual condition. So, it’d be better to buy brand new bar refrigeration units or chef bases.

Make sure your food, water, and other items are properly segregated to avoid any foul odor inside the refrigerator.

Remote vis-a-vis self contained units

The remote mode of coolers and freezers has condensers that need to be installed outside of your restaurant preferably on the roof of the building. A remote cooler will keep the heat and noise away.

It’s easier to install a self contained unit because the plumbing, electrical and refrigeration modules are built into the system. But you won’t be able to keep the heat or noise away. It’ll be wiser to consult a refrigeration technician for refrigeration services or the dealer for tips on which mode of cooler or freezer you should go for.