Diamond Engagement Rings- the Perfect Gift of Love

If you are ready to make a wedding proposal, the first thing to do is to find the perfect diamond engagement rings for the woman you love. An engagement ring has two parts- the setting and the diamond. It will be a bit of a challenge to choose the perfect setting that she will love, but, you know her more than anyone else, so just follow your instinct and you will surely know if that setting is the one for her. After which, you can focus your attention on the diamond itself.

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The setting

The first thing to choose when buying diamond engagement ring is the setting. This is about choosing the right precious metal that she will love. You may notice that she is fond of wearing white precious metals, then, the platinum is the perfect one for her. However, you have to allot a bigger budget as platinum is rare metal. The composition is 95% platinum and 5% pure alloys. Among all the precious metals, this is the most durable and strongest. Then there is the 18k gold, which is the most common setting in diamond engagement rings. The composition is 75% gold and 25% pure alloys. The 14k is another popular setting for diamond rings. Lastly, there is the palladium which is white like the platinum but more affordable for the setting of diamond engagement rings.

The diamond

After you have chosen the setting for the engagement ring, it is now time to select the diamond. To begin with, you have to choose the shape of the diamond engagement rings. The popular choices are round-shaped, oval-shaped, and princess-cut diamonds. Then, the four C’s in choosing a diamond is your next consideration. The cut is the one that gives brilliance to the engagement ring. In fact, it is the cut that has a great impact on the beauty of the diamond. The cut determines the amount of light that enters the diamond, thereby, giving it its brilliance. The next consideration in choosing diamond engagement rings is the color. The colorless diamond is the one that fetches a high price. Then, look for the clarity of the diamond ring. The diamonds that have less flaws or blemishes are more expensive than those that possess microscopic blemishes. These blemishes occur during the mining and cutting process. Lastly, choose the carat. Diamonds are weighed in terms of carat. The carat is also related to the cut of the diamond. It does not necessarily follow that a smaller looking diamond has less carat than larger-looking diamond engagement rings.

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