When to Replace Your Mattress?

Bed bugs, dust mites and other organisms can infest your mattress. Even if you change sheets and clean your bed regularly, you cannot get rid of them completely. When your mattress becomes infested, you have to discard it and get a new one.

When most things have lived their lives, it becomes quite obvious. The same is true of a mattress. Look for the signs which will tell you that your mattress should be replaced.

Newer and Better

Furniture manufacturers constantly research and discover new materials; new sleep patterns and come out with new products. If you feel a new mattress which has recently been launched will offer better comfort and a restful sleep, go, and check it out. You may like to buy yourself some luxury.

New Bed

If you buy a new bed it makes sense to buy a new mattress with it. Trying to fit your old mattress into the new bed may not be a good idea. It will never fit perfectly and it will definitely not offer the same comfort.

Besides any dust, bugs and smells from your old bed will be transferred to the new one via the mattress. So new bed new mattress is the way to go. Your new mattress may even bring to your notice any faults in your bed like creaking and squeaking, which the old mattress did not.

Mattresses give firm support to your spinal cord and the natural curves of your back. Muscle soreness is relieved when the mattress surface adjusts itself to the natural contours of your body when you sleep. It’s recommended to avoid sleeping upside down or in a fetal position if you have a tendency towards back pain.

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