Types of Skateboards

Skate boarding is a well known sport especially among young adults and teenagers. In order to practice the sport professionally or as an amateur you need to invest in a good skate board. There are several different types of skate boards to choose from.

Based on your need and love for the sport, you will accordingly have to choose the best suited one for yourself. It helps to seek professional advice from a sports professional regarding what type of skate board to use.

Standard short skateboard

Standard short skateboards are those that you commonly find in use by teenagers and students on the streets. As the name suggests, they are shorter in length and built of a thicker material in most cases.

Long boards

Long boards are generally used for long boarding, a sport similar but not quite exactly like skateboarding. Long boards are more frequently used when people, not just young children or teenagers need to cruise or travel short distances.

They are longer is size as the name suggests and use similar builds, styles and structures that skateboards use. They are typically 35-60 inches long. Besides the length, there is also a difference in wheels, type of material and design when compared to short boards.

You could also use long boards on snow skating during holidays.

Difference Between Roller Skating and Inline Skating

Conventional rollers skates, also known as quads, are supposed to have originated in the 1700s. These types of skates are still the favourite of skating enthusiasts and professionals who participate in different types of skating competition. Inline skates or rollerblades were introduced in 1979. By the late 1980s, rollerblades had become hugely popular with skaters who loved skating as a recreational sport. There are several differences between the roller blading gear in traditional quads and inline skates which you must know if you want to take up either amateur or professional skating.

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