Staying in Accommodation Apartments on Your Vacation

Vacation rental properties offer a number of benefits over hotel or resort stay, especially if you are vacationing for long periods with a number of people and kids in your entourage.

Vacation rentals have become popular options for families holidaying for extended periods of time.


Accommodation apartments Byron Bay offer a number of benefits and personalised services not offered by hotels or B&Bs such as masseuses, drivers, nannies, cooks, cleaners, butlers, handicapped access, plenty of walk in showers and bathtubs, availability of high chairs, baby cribs, twin beds, king size beds or whatever you are looking for, several en suite bedrooms, child friendly features, tennis courts, swimming pool, spa, sauna, internet access, entertainment options, golf fields, gym, exclusive views and beachfront access.

The perfect accommodation is you don’t have to share the facilities with other guests and can enjoy all the luxury features with your own family or friends.

More Bang For Your Buck

You don’t have to jostle for space in a crowded gym or pool or bang on the door of only two bathrooms shared by six people or wait for hours at the restaurant or breakfast bar for your food.

You don’t even have to cook or do your laundry if you don’t wish to lift a finger. Just by paying a few extra bucks, you can hire a full time cook, nanny, maid, gardener, personal laundress and a butler to take care of your daily needs.

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