Our Couple Rooms are Perfect for Two Lovebirds, or for Soloists


For those couples who just love to take a rest together in a single bed, note that our hotel will provide you the best accommodation in the form of our couple units. This is a quite spacious room that's fit for two, or for those who want to take a temporary breather by themselves. It features a queen size bed for a better way to take a rest with excellent coziness on it as well. Most of our hotel units under this type have the finest quality relaxation that you can ever imagine, and you will expect awesome features that will make your vacation totalyl worth it.

The following features are what made our couple's unit perfect for lovers out there who wants to share a bed together, and for those who want to stay temporarily as solo:

Fully Air Conditioned Room

For you to get more reasons to feel relaxed, note that we have a fully air conditioned room. This will provide you the utmost satisfaction that you need with your partner whenever you want to stay on such a fine room.


If you ever need to get some beverages, or if you already purchased some snacks to eat during your stay, then note that we have a fridge installed on the room. It has enough space for your needs, and it's perfectly maintained before you even arrive.

Coffee Maker

If you want to enjoy your mornings in a better way, we have a coffee maker ready for you to use. It will provide you the right settings that you might need in order to fully enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Tea can also be made using our coffee maker as well.

Room with Wi-Fi

Since we all know that the internet is a big thing nowadays, we make sure that you will be able to access our Wi-Fi. Upon getting a unit, you will also get a password in order to access our internet. We provide very fast and reliable connection for your convenience.

Parking Space

A parking space is included if you have a vehicle and you will be planning to drive in to our hotel. We make sure that all units have their own parking spaces for more convenience.


Lastly, we make sure that you will be able to access comfort in the bathroom if you just woke up or if needed be. It's just inside the unit, and we also provide a bathtub and shower with adjustable temperatures for a better way to relax even more.

Aside from the following features, we also make sure that you will be able to get a decent way to feel entertained thanks to our high definition television that you will surely enjoy. Children under 3 years old are also free if they want to stay here as well.

We guarantee the best way to relax for couples out there who wants to take a rest during their travels, or if they just simply want to spend the cold nights in a very cozy place if they are far away from home. All you have to do is to contact accommodation near Olympic Park to start getting your unit reserved now!